Travelling around the world

doing everything I can

for the betterment of

man… kinda….

because no one human

really has enough power

it is about all of us

working together.


Dedicating myself

to Cooperative Collaboration

Decentralize the power

to empower diversification

finding fun with word play

and digging to the roots of history

knowing sustainable success

is slow

not a highway.


With a smile on my face

as I skip along

keeping a silly song

in my heart

so my serious brain

and my serious ambitions

don’t distract me

from my passion

which is what really

inspires my purpose

on this planet.







15 thoughts on “Welcome

  1. Beatuful pictures,what a great experienes you are having!Miss you-come back safe & sound. Looking foreward to seeing you in Kentucky.

  2. Hello there, Alix! 🙂 Nice to meet you!
    I’m a big fan of H. Hesse. Good choices.
    Keep following those hunches on what to read.

    Best wishes to you whilst you wander!
    Peace and luvz from the forest of plenty, Uncle Tree

  3. Wow. You have certainly done things your own way, haven’t you? The way you’re living right now sounds both amazing and terrifying from here! Am off to read a few posts and learn a little more about you.

    • I felt like I had to, it didn’t seem like any way people were telling me to live was right. At times it was terrifying and difficult, but the struggle is always worth the reward in the end. I’m hoping that everything I learned and discovered can help other people. I never really did it for my own enjoyment, I didn’t do it to have stories told about me, I always wanted to inspire people to make their own stories. Travelling is necessarily the answer for everyone, I think the answer is a system which makes us feel more involved and empowered. Thanks for reading, I hope you liked what you learned 😛

      • Most certainly did enjoy. I’m not in a place right now where I have alot of time to go back and read everyone’s past posts, but I did read a few of yours and I am just so bowled over that someone could just pick up and go like you did. I think that’s a thing alot of us are too insecure to do. But I really am impressed how you follow your soul. (oh, and btw…thank you so much for the follow…..my blog is much more confined than yours and I’m still not sure which direction it will take in the end, but I appreciate having you on board for the trip!)

      • Haha direction, yeah, I’ve changed my blog around so much so many times, I’m sure we will figure out more as we go along. I’m thinking about getting more into trying to do guest posting, keep this as more of a landing ground which is confined to a few major topics, and posting random articles around the web just to get more involved.

      • Sounds like a good idea, but be sure to keep it “yours” if you know what I mean. Getting more involved is great, losing yourself is not. I, personally, want to know more about you!

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